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This is NOT the way life should be!

why do people think we're part of Canada?

why would ANYONE want to live here?
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tired of living in Maine's out-of-touch, out-dated, back-woods society?

join the club.

no, really...

this is the club.

Moderators: alehr and tengupriestess

Flame-wars will result in being banned from this community, this is your only warning!
You can express you thoughts and ideas without getting personal.

activism, annoying radio broadcasts, arrogant college brats, assraping bob marley, auburn, augusta, bad drivers, bangor, bar harbor, bar mills, belfast, biddeford, black fly season, blaze orange hats, boothbay, boothbay harbor, brewer, bridgton, brunswick, bull moose music, buxton, calais, camden, camden-rockport, canada, cape elizabeth, caribou, casco bay books, chicago, clam chow-dah, coffee by design, corrupt legal system, crossroad games, crossroads, damariscotta, deer hunting, downeast accents, eustis, falmouth, firebombing york county, freeport, fryeburg, governors, gray, greenville, hating maine, hating mainers, hiking, horror stories, i95, icelandophile, incompetent law enforcement, john baldacci, kennebunk, kennebunkport, kittery, lakes, lewiston, live journal, lobster, local bands, local news, london, los angeles, lousy bastards, low paying jobs, low wages, maine, maine college of art, maine sucks, making fun of tourists, meca, mexico, monkfish books, montreal, naples, nature, new york, new york city, norway, nuking biddeford, nuking portland, obscenely stupid parking laws, oceans, ogunquit, old orchard beach, old port, one dollar cigarrette tax, oxford, parties, penobscot river, pine state, porn, portland, poverty, quebec, raymond, rediculously high taxes, rockland, rockport, running over stupid pedestrians, running red lights, saco, scarborough, sebago, sebago lake, skiing, smcc, smelly hippies, smtc, snow, standish, stephen king, stupid hicks, susan collins, talentless artists, travel, trees, university of maine, university of southern maine, usm, vancouver, vassalboro, wakame salad, wblm, wcyy, weekend anime, wells, whom, windham, winter, yarmouth, york, yuppie scum